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March Madness: 2017 Predictions of the last four

It’s nearly March 2017, and our University basketball analyst team shares some of their early predictions regarding the upcoming 2016 NCAA tournament after examining futures at some of the top betting sites. Here are the predictions for the Final Four of March Madness, Elite 8 and First Round Upsets. Take your time to go through carefully, and thoroughly too.

Early prediction of “Final Four”

Gonzaga (26-0): Of course, we will not come out with a decision just like that. However, we fancy Gonzaga’s chances of getting to make its first “Final Four” appearance in the program’s history. The Bulldogs have their own non-conference victory over Arizona, Florida, Iowa State and Tennessee. They have dominated the West Coast Conference game and include a pair of double-digit victories against the St. Mary’s national standings. This may be Gonzaga’s magic year, where not only will they reach the ‘Final Four’, but they are capable of going all the way to the end and win it all.

Arizona (23-3): We know Sean Miller is a head coach at a power conference school. However, we continue to argue that he is probably one of the most underrated head coaches in all college basketball. His teams apparently always enter the national conference at this point of the season, and this year is no different. The Wildcats are disciplined, athletic and defensively resistant. His only 3 losses have come against 3 nationally ranked opponents in Butler, Oregon, and Gonzaga. Watch out for the cats come March.

Florida (21-5): Every year there is a team or two that reach the pinnacle of college basketball, and it was not considered a dangerous threat to get there. For instance, Syracuse last year as #11 seed. Then the Gators are deep with 8 players averaging 6.0 points or more per game, and 15 minutes or more minutes played by the contest. Since being harassed at home by Vanderbilt, Florida has had 7 straight wins by 9 points or more and included a 22-point demolition of Kentucky. In reviewing the odds in Bookmaker, we are of the opinion that Florida is the best bet value to win the 2017 NCAA tournament.

Virginia (18-6): For the sake of not being repetitive, our choice of Virginia is similar in nature to Florida. The Cavaliers will not be a surprise when you see them play. However, they could be the best defensive team in the country, and they are fundamentally solid all around. There is a lot of experience coming back from last year’s team that was shocked at the ‘Elite 8’ of Syracuse. It’s possible this year, with lower expectations, Virginia will be able to finish the task.