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In-the-game is a European and international basketball analysis, news and popular game discussion website. In-the-game exists as a basketball community for Europe and encourages personal basketball awareness around the European continent, not just for any particular country or region. In-the-game hopes are to facilitate understanding and discussion for basketball on a larger global scale. Basketball is no longer an American thing, but it is a world sport that must be respected at all times.

To achieve this goal, we have worked hard over the years and continue to work harder in putting the necessary tools in place to maximize our efforts. We have come a long way and have had some notable success. We are particularly happy by what we have achieved when we consider that we started off as an individual effort to analyzed basketball for European lovers of the sport and spread it popularity in the heart of European citizens.

It is not just the European continent that’s experiencing the surge in basketball popularity and interest. Our analysis has attracted viewers form many outside of the European continent. China, and South America, and the total number of countries  with avid basketball followers and are now hosting competitive basketball leagues and tournaments has continued to be on the increase.

The NBA finals, as a result, are now broadcast in more than 200 countries each year, and depending on the year, players from more than ten countries will be represented on the rosters of the NBA championship teams.

Although it is still considered a marginal sport in many places like India, basketball has also shown a growing audience in Japan, South Africa, Nigeria, and Australia in the last decade believing that sport is, without a doubt, the second most sports Popular in Europe and the world.

While it’s our hope and dream that basketball will finally dominate the European continent like it does in the United States, we are not being naïve but are mindful that, that’s not something that is possible at the moment but remains the wish of many of us basketball lovers in Europe. Only time will tell if basketball will displace football as the most popular sport in Europe. Indeed, it does looks impossible and highly unlikely at the moment, however, if football begins to lose any traction with all its safety concerns, and the continued debate about the use of technology, basketball’s time as the most popular sports in The World could surprisingly be here before we know it.