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Euroleague three-year-ranking

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The ULEB Ranking has its own Wikipedia page where it is being updated more frequently than in this place.



  • The performance of teams in European competitions during a three year period will be used. Each club will get 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss from the Regular Season onwards. 2 bonus points are allocated for reaching the last 16, 2 bonus points are allocated for reaching the last 8, 1 bonus point is allocated for reaching the last 4, 1 bonus point is allocated for reaching the Final. The Club Ranking consists of the sum of the club coefficients from the last three years. If two or more teams have the same Club Ranking, the tie will be resolved by the total number of wins during the three year period. Should a tie persist, the final standings in the Euroleague and if necessary Eurocup from the previous season will be used to break the tie.

  • The first four teams from the Club Ranking participating in the Regular Season will be 1 Seeds, the next four 2 Seeds, the next four 3 Seeds, the next four 4 Seeds, the next four 5 Seeds, and the remaining two teams will be 6 Seeds. The teams coming from the Qualifying Rounds will also be 6 Seeds.


PURPOSE As to my understanding, the three-year-ranking has two roles:

1) Providing seeds 1-6 for the Euroleague regular season draw (see column “12/13 SEED” below); This rule is already in effect for the current season and has been applied to the recent Euroleague draw

2) According to the Euroleague ByLaws: (not publicly available)

1. A Club Ranking will be created and updated annually to determine which A-Licence Club will lose their licence and which club will replace them every year, beginning July 1, 2012.

Point 2. then describes the point system exactly as quoted above and as used in the seeding process.

*e.g. arena standards that require 10.000+ seats for A-licence clubs (only!). The new arena standards are planned to be set in place for the 2012/2013 season (source: Euroleague ByLaws)

Written by sJacas

July 10th, 2010 at 8:05 am

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  • Charlie

    To make a complete update maybe you should include the “2 bonus points are allocated for reaching the Top/Last 16” which I understand that are not included, am I wrong?

  • SJ

    No, you’re right!

    Update coming soon.

  • Michael

    So clubs like Siena, Partizan, Valencia, Khimki, Prokom, Panellinios, Bilbao, UNICS have to get 10,000 arenas or they can’t get contracts? So they just would skip over these teams or what?

    Partizan has the big arena available but they can’t afford to rent it all year. Khimki has big arenas available in the area but it would be hard to get any attendance away from their own arena and it would cost rent also and loss of revenues. Kimki and Siena’s own arenas are not big enough and it would take a lot of money to get them there.

    Valencia’s arena could be upgraded easily so I guess they would be OK. Bilbao has the arena available but it is too far from their home to be realistic. Their own arena is too small and it would cost a lot to get it there. Prokom has an arena available but again too far away to be realistic and again their own arena would cost too much to expand to that size. UNICS’ arena isn’t big enough and would not be easily or cheaply expanded.

    Panellinios does not have the arena available in their city unless they move back to Athens and they can;t because they have no fan support or gate revenues there. Their own arena would, although easy to expand would need a huge and expensive expansion…….etc.

    The same problems for teams like Benetton and Aris……………..

    So do these clubs just all get disqualified for the license because of this and does it then go to the next teams in the ranking order that have the arenas?

  • SJ

    The point ranking may not be the sole criteria for A-licence assignment, Euroleague hasn’t been clear on this.

    What you write is correct: By the start of the 12/13 season, you cannot get an A-licence without a 10.000+ arena. That’s what the rules currently say. For B- and C-licences, 5.000 remains as minimum capacity.

  • Tralalal

    Its a shame Partizan is excluded from A license list, Partizan has great audiance coverage and is largely watched in Serbia, Bosnia*, Montenegro(TV-wise), it CAN rent 22.000 arena, but for early season club doesn’t want to risk to have it 3/4 or 6/8 of it sold, and Pionir Hall is always overfilled(there are a lot of people that don’t sit in chairs (cause there aren’t any free) but stay on passage ways or wherever they can). We also have unique crowd in Europe, thats worth seeing every season.
    On the other hand Eurocup and Euroleague pointing equally is blasphemy and nonsense.

  • Gior

    I knew that was not enough to just have a building of 10,000 seats, but you had to have even a percentage of seats occupied in each game (if not mistaken 80%).
    Then it is better to have a palace of places to 6.500/7.000 or almost always full, instead of having a building of 10,000 seats and even more, and then it almost half empty??

    For license year (B) instead of the ranking will be updated when and what data is considered to do precisely that type chart??
    Now the ranking of the alloys, which is it??

    Excuse my English, but I’m Italian

  • Amir

    I think you should also add 6 points for all team in top16 of Euroleague ad Eurocup, because these points are also guarateed even with 6 losses.

  • SJ

    You’re totally right.

    Still, I think waiting till the games are actually played is the right thing to do. Who knows … maybe a team doesn’t show up. Unlikely, but not impossible.

  • Amir

    In that case you can always decrease it later. A team may also go bankrupt and then its points won’t count at all..

  • Danny

    So after Top 16, CSKA will lose its first-seeded spot…

    How does it work for the Play-offs? If I understand it correctly, with a 3-0 you get 6 points, but you get 8 with a 3-2 record?

  • SJ

    Yes. Illogical, but that’s how it works. At least there’s nothing in the rules (quoted top of the page) that would suggest otherwise.

    I cannot guarantee the correctness of this table for 100%, I’m only applying the quoted point system. But since it projected the 2010/11 regular season draw seeds correctly, it seems to be fairly accurate.

  • Amir Junkmail

    actually, now if Valencia wins the 5th match against Real Madrid and qualify to the Euroleague next year, CSKA will be in pot 3

  • perplexed

    Greetings to You,friends of basketball!
    As a person NOT familiar with the current situation in european basketball, I am forced to say that the system/criteria which determine the Euroleague Ranking seem fairly inadequate and in some cases arbitrary. I fail to understand how some teams, which have achieved much less than others, reach a higher ranking position. I have the impression that, if I am correct, the future competitions will needlessly lack both ambitious teams and diversity in terms of represantation of various states with prolific talent “production”, if I may put it this way.
    I would really appreciate any clarifying response in regard to this matter.
    Thank You

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  • sa

    Why are euroleague and eurocup worth the same? It is illogical for me, that a team gets the same total of points if it reaches the top16 in the eurocup as in euroleague… would be great, if someone could explain that for me!

  • jaroslavas

    :) Lietuvos Rytas is the better team than Zalgiris. It is always true.

  • Theo

    Something is wrong with the list and the 2011-12 Euroleague clubs. Cantu was above Nancy in the ranking officially published by ULEB, seeded in the 5th pot, while Nancy was in the 6th. Here you have Nancy with 21 pts (5th pot) and Cantu with 9 (6th pot). I think that you should check this out one more time. Additionally, where is KK Zagreb in this list? The Croatians were the lowest ranking team in the 22 Euroleague clubs (remember that Galatasaray and Spirou were automatically ranked in places 23-24 because they reached the regular season via qualification round).

  • sJacas


    Zagreb is not in the ranking because they didn’t have any ranking points. Logically that makes them bottom seed.

    Nancy vs Cantu was checked right on the day when the EL published their seeds. You can check yourself on and and see if you come to different conclusions.

    I get these results:
    Nancy 2-8 in EL in 2008/09 (12 pts)
    Nancy 3-3 in EC in 2009/10 (9 pts)
    No EC/EL participation in 2010/11

    Cantu no EC/EL participation in 2008/09 and 2009/10
    Cantu 3-3 in EC in 2010/11 (9 pts)

  • Kira

    Galatasaray Medical Park has adventage for A license. 

  • Tal

    so does this mean that the loss of UNICS to FCB guarantees Valencia an A license next year?

  • sJacas

    I don’t think we will be seeing a fifth Spanish A-Licence. That is no official rule, but Jordi has been saying something along those lines for a while.

  • kostas

    euroleague ranking isnt fair because panathinaikos should be the leader of the ranking or at least 2nd but he is 6th????

  • Jason

    Why should they be the leaders since there were five teams with better total performance and more points gained during the last three years? It’s a combination of results, something like the UEFA ranking for football. Being the champion of one year doesn’t mean that you are the best in a three-year period.

  • kostas

    its not 1 time.Panathinaikos has won 3 out of 5 last euroleagues and he is 6th!!!!!!!!!!

  • juventus

    the win in euroleague match is equil 2 points and the win in ulebcup match is 2 points ???   i think thats is not true :)

  • Onur17

    How many teams’ (and which teams’) A-licence will be finished end of this season ? Is it possible to Galatasaray (with amazing fans and over 10.000 capacity arena) will have an A-licence for next season ? Thanks for sharing informations about euroleague that is hard to find statistical ones :)

  • trifyllara

    Kostas, I’m also a fan of Panathinaikos, but I have to admit that the point system is correct! Don’t forget that it counts only the last three years..that means that only the last crown (last year) counts for Panathinaikos!

    A charachteristic example is CSKA..if the point system counted all the previous years, then CSKA would be in the 1st place (and not in 9th), as it was in eight consecutive final 4 (2003-2010) with 2 trophies in this period!

    Don’t worry, however, because Panathinaikos from October will be the number 1 in the list! 😉

  • Diego Robles Gallardo

    It’s a shame that Malaga (9th in Spain, no title play-off) has A License and Valencia don’t have. It’s a shame that Alicante (8th in ACB) is not going to play european competition and Malaga is going to play it #valenciaesdeeuroliga

  • Furûğツ

    @Euroleague #WildCard4Galatasaray

  • aaa

    partizan is better than cedevita

  • Gianluca Banchellini

    SORRY , 1 ERROR …
    why Olympiakos is 18 and not 20 in 2012-2013 ?

    in total 99 an no 97

  • sJacas

    No error, Friday’s games just weren’t in yet when you posted as they had only just finished an hour earlier.

    They are now.

  • Gianluca Banchellini


  • Gianluca Banchellini

    What do you think about Mens Sana MONTEPASCHI SIENA ?
    Fenerbahce – Siena 92-98 is the game of the year ?

  • Patyres

    After 14 games in TOP16 Zalgiris will be in front and will stay here forever. Good night, Rytas

  • Gianluca Banchellini

    is ok the ranking ?

  • Gianluca Banchellini

    OLYMPIAKOS corrupt the REFS and fixed the TIMER…

    SIENA WIN .. the responsbility is of the HOME TEAM ..
    if Brown see the real TIMER he make a 3 point shot…


  • Kostas

    Pao is the king

  • Jon de la Peña

    The UEFA system takes last 4 years. And a plus of 4 points to the Euroleague teams. Also 4 more points for reaching to the top 16. But this year the teams play 14 games and maybe is better not to give those 4 points