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Euroleague Quarter Finals

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Written by sJacas

March 7th, 2012 at 4:35 pm

  • Dimitris Ritsonis

    Splendid job. You are expanding it with some allowance statistics

    I would also welcome the Eff/Def Opponent Ratio (allowance stat as well) per home and away games

  • Rob Scott

    I think we’ll see some great games, and it should be a fantastic playoffs. I’m surprised that Olympiakos have performed better than Siena in so many categories, particularly defensive reb %, although if Dorsey and Hines crash the offensive glass and don’t grab the rebounds that plays into McCalebb’s one-man fast break and quasi-transition opportunities (as you described, when it’s not exactly transition, but the defense isn’t set either).
    It will be interesting also to see if Rakocevic can stand up to the rigours of a 5 game series. I keep thinking there has to be an opportunity for Aradori eventually, and I can see a forceful cameo in this series. Despite all this, I still think Siena will be able to give Oly more than they can handle. It’s interesting that they take care of the ball better than anyone, without sacrificing pace. The McCalebb factor at work again, I suspect.  

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