Real Madrid
2.08 meters / born 0-0-1991 (d-m-y)
Passport: Montenegro / Position: PF




Notes: Has appeared in 27 games this season; Foul count: 2 T, 0 U, 4 offensive

Minutes distribution: PG: 0 | SG: 0 | SF: 24 | PF: 615 | C: 3

Stats Radar

Stats Radar


One of the best per-minute scorers on his position.

A versatile scorer, making shots from all of the close-, mid- and long-range areas.

Goes to the free throw line at a high rate and makes 3.7 foul shots per 28 minutes pace-adjusted.

A massive three point threat, scoring 1.6 three point shots per 28 minutes pace-adjusted.

Rarely turns the ball over.

A super ball thief, averaging 1.4 steals per 28 minutes pace-adjusted.

A valuable shotblocking presence inside the paint.

This is a visualisation of the player's pace-adjusted per-minute stats, compared to universal PF highs and lows.

Universal minute cutoff for league-wide player lists: 150

Minutes played differ slightly (+/- 2.8 minutes per player in average) from the official numbers due to the absence of seconds in Euroleague play-by-play data.

Assisted field goals (ASD) do not include assists on free throws. Therefore there are marginal differences between assist (AST) totals and assisted field goal (ASD) totals.

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